For Some Surf-Rock With a Country Twang, Check Out Surf Bored's Debut Album, The Rehearsal

If you hear a Southern twang in any of the tracks on S.F. band Surf Bored's debut album, The Rehearsal (which was released today), don't worry: you're not crazy. The lead singer of the quintet, T.J. Mimbs, hails from Athens, Georgia, which is actually where the inception of the band began. Mimbs, who had been part of the indie-pop band The District Attorneys, started writing songs in 2013 “that weren't in the same genre.” He decided to start a new project as an outlet for this new sound and shortly thereafter moved to San Francisco. 

But before Mimbs relocated, he befriended the San Francisco band Tumbleweed Wanderers while they were on tour in Athens. Mimbs said they started hanging out, even spending time at SXSW together, and by the time he moved to the Bay, he was “already really close to them.” 

[jump] He recruited Daniel Blum (drums) and Jeremy Lyon (bass) from the band and added local guitarists Avi Vinocur and Chris Tye to complete the quintet that would become Surf Bored. 

Because of the multiple guitars and heavy drums, there is a strong surf-rock, garage vibe to the band's debut album, mixed with a pinch of country thanks to Mimbs' accent. Though the accent isn't that apparent in Mimbs' everyday conversation, he said it comes out a lot stronger when he sings. (And he's right.) 

For most of 2015, the band worked on The Rehearsal, which they funded through a Kickstarter campaign. The subject matter, says Mimbs, is “more in the country realm, like somewhat serious subject matter,” and revolves around family and social situations. 

But one thing you won't hear on the album is love songs. “Since I got into music in a professional sense, I wanted to stay away from love songs,” he says. “I look back on stuff I wrote in high school, and though I'm proud of it, I cringe. I've never been into love songs in my adult life.” 

To celebrate the release of their debut album (which is available on all major music purchasing platforms), Surf Bored will be playing at Brick and Mortar at 9 p.m., tonight, Friday, March 18. $12; more info here

Watch the band's pledge video here

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