Fourth of July: Five Excellent Pro-America Songs to Soundtrack Your Party Today

Happy Fourth, everybody! As we all know, patriotism in this fine land of ours often sounds frickin' terrible when presented in song form. But feeling happy to be American doesn't — we repeat, doesn't — have to involve Toby Keith. Or Keith Urban. Or, well, anyone named Keith actually. Here then, are five songs that'll make you proud of your country, without resorting to schmaltz. Put them on at your barbeque today and watch your friends get happier.

“North American Scum,” LCD Soundsystem

As we all know, George W. Bush (along with a great deal of help from Cheney and Rumsfeld) made the rest of the world really, really hate us for a while. Many Americans would bow their head in shame and apologize when faced with the wrath of foreigners — but, oh no, not LCD. This was their defiant moment of half-assed American pride — a grand proclamation that, hey, we're not perfect, but we're not all bad either. We take the “scum” in the title as spite-filled sarcasm. And we love it.  

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