Free Opera, Canada's Bonjay, Surf Music Party, Glitter Wizard, and More

These unseasonably warm days mean we must party. The city is begging us to invade it, take over clubs and bars, swarm parks, fill galleries; to enjoy its every offering. To maximize the fun, pick events with cheap entry fees. We've got the rundown on those listed below. Here's our list of 10 things to do this weekend for less than a copy of the The Last Airbender on DVD:

Free Opera Night at the Museum @ the deYoung (Fri.)
How do we commoners get the chance to enjoy a live opera performance? We don't have exact numbers, but we'll venture a guess that the answer is not too often. Free Opera Night at the Museum changes all that; it brings us to the level of kings, patrons, and people with real jobs. Cutting-edge local outfit Ensemble Parallèle will preview excerpts from its upcoming performance of the Philip Glass opera Orphee. There also will be a companion art project (Venetian opera mask-making) along with main attraction. Savor some high society. (Free, 6 p.m.)

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