Friday: Crystal Castles Batter the Warfield, Broken Limbs and All

Crystal Castles 


Friday March 4, 2011

@ The Warfield

Better than: Asphyxiation and/or skin-hooks.

Alice Glass has a crutch and she's not afraid to use it. The Crystal Castles vocalist broke her ankle in Tokyo, and she's onstage at The Warfield waving her cane like a sword.

It's beyond fitting that the hoodie-cloaked singer should turn her injury into entertainment. After all, that's what the Toronto duo of Glass and producer Ethan Kath is about. Videos shot in graveyards. Lyrics alluding to rape and S&M. Hooks made of glitches, bass and screams. Track titles like “Suffocation,” and “Pap Smear.” Glass and Kath make torture porn for the hipster set, packaging sex and death better than Norwegians or the almighty Gaga.

But few of tonight's crowd-members look like their names sport an umlaut. The median age is roughly 22. They crash into each other and make out and scream: “I can't believe I'm drinking!” Pitchfork-approved accessories abound, from fishnets to fedoras, and there's at least one dinosaur costume.

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