Friday: Lil Wayne Apologizes for the Swearing at Shoreline

Lil Wayne
Friday, Sept. 2, 2011
@Shoreline Amphitheatre

Better than: Rap shows without fireworks and fake gunshots

“I apologize to the parents who brought their kids, because of the cussing,” said Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. at the end of a nearly two-hour set on Friday night. “I need to let you know that this is a Lil Wayne show, but I do apologize.”

Families were noticeably in the mix at the Shoreline stop of rapper Lil Wayne's “I Am Still Music” tour, and our seats were located in between a couple of rows of what looked like parents with their teenage children. One mother in front of us, sandwiched between her young son and even younger daughter, frequently looked bewildered or embarrassed as her kids pumped their fists in the air. But one mom in back, clad in a halter top as tight as her child's, danced and whooped right along with the crowd, along with the curses and the scantily clad dancers, and deep into the heart of Lil Wayne's wordplay and tooth-rattling bass.

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