Friday: My Morning Jacket Leads a Southern Revival at the Fox

My Morning Jacket


June 14, 2011

@ The Fox Theater, Oakland

Better than: Smoking some kush and listening to “Free Bird” on repeat for three hours. Or was it 30 minutes?

A few things can be easy to forget when considering a My Morning Jacket show. One, that this is a truly Southern band: Watching the parade of hipped-out thirtysomethings delight over cocktails and someone's latest design project before the doors open, you could easily be at an MGMT show.

But then you see a middle-aged man with a healthy gut and a shock of still-blond hair sidle up to the bar and demand in a low drawl, “We're gonna be needin' some bourbon. What kind you got?”

And then, of course, there is the band. For all the varied fashion senses (and ages) of its audience, there is no doubting where this group of exceptionally talented (and quite possibly insane) musicians hails from. As the lights dimmed and the crowd roared on Friday night, an ominous rumble came brewing from the stage. Out marched frontman Jim James in a long coat befitting a New Orleans-based funeral director, with a mane of hair obscuring his face.

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