Friday Night: Flying Lotus, Caspa and DJ Centipede at Mezzanine


Flying Lotus

DJ Centipede
September 24, 2010
@ Mezzanine
Better than: Acid-soaked drone attack armageddon, with jazz samples.

There's nothing like an intensely crowded show where the headliner doesn't go on until 1 a.m. to make you feel every second of your age — or your lack of uppers. But when Flying Lotus, aka Steven Ellison, aka the Jimi Hendrix of beatmakers, finally went on at Mezzanine early Saturday morning, his setup blew our mind wide awake. Ellison brought along part of his live band – a bassist and drummer — to punctuate the psss-squelching, zow-zipping, and thudding-rubber sounds of his music. What had been merely a dance party suddenly became an energetic jam session to the future, as Ellison manipulated the playing of his crew into spacious alien rhythms and sonic energy poured out of the trio onstage. The crowd dove harder into its fitful gyrations, oblivious to the wearing on of the wee hours, until the holy thing supernova'd around 2:30 a.m. and it was time to leave. So then here's a rundown of our trip to Lotus land.

The crowd (hair): More white dreadlocks than anywhere else in S.F., except for maybe Power to the Peaceful. Lots of non-white dreadlocks too, one of whose wearers explained to us the daylong process of washing them.
The crowd (generalities): Young, young, and young. Drunk. Dance-crazed. Not all with clean dreadlocks.
The crowd (in space): Hanging, leaning, dancing, and otherwise using seemingly every bit of room, however uncertain, inside the dark cavern of Mezzanine, because holy shit was that place crowded.

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