Friday Night: Mike Watt Plays the Grizzled Natural at Bottom of the Hill

Mike Watt

April 29, 2011

@ Bottom of the Hill

Better than: Listening to the words without the face.

If such a thing were possible, I'd believe, without hyperbole or winking wit, that Mike Watt was born to play the bass. His fingers fly across the fretboard so smoothly, it's appears he isn't touching strings at all. Curved elegantly, his bulbous palms encircle the bass neck in an endless handshake.

Legs firmly planted on the Bottom of the Hill stage during his sold-out show last Friday, Watt picked up his trusty bass, the one he was made to play, and ripped through more than two dozen minute-and-a-half ADD prog-punk tracks, mostly off of his epic new album Hyphenated-Man, on which every track is “man”: “Arrow-Pierced-Egg-Man,” “Own-Horn-Blowing-Man,” and so forth.

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