Friday Night: Not So Silent Night at Oracle Arena

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Not So Silent Night w/ Muse, AFI, 30 Second to Mars, Vampire Weekend, and Metric
Friday, Dec. 11, 2009
Oracle Arena

Better Than: What else is there to do on a rainy Friday night? Watch a movie?

Friday night's big Live 105 holiday show, Not So Silent Night, hit all keys in a nearly perfectly-synced show. The line-up consisted of Muse, AFI, 30 Second to Mars, Vampire Weekend and Metric, giving the fans a good mix of new music.

After breaking numerous driving laws and beating traffic during rush hour, I barely made it to the start of Metric's set. Headed by Emily Haines, Metric warmed up the 10,000 fans immediately. The high energy indie band's big hit, “Help Me I'm Alive,” really got everyone's attention, as did the final song of their set, “Dead Disco.” Vampire Weekend, on the other hand, was there not to impress. I'm not a fan and I'll leave it at that.

The screaming girls along the rail could tell you how huge 30 Second to Mars has gotten in the past few years. The band's third album in seven years, This Is War, just came out this past week with great reviews. Fans knew every single word to “King and Queens,” a single that's already hit the airwaves. (Other hits throughout the night included “The Kill” and “A Beautiful Lie.”) 30 Second's actor-turned-musician Jared Leto gave many of the females in the crowd a memory they wouldn't soon forget. After breaking a string on his guitar, an awkward moment for the group, Leto climbed onto the pit rail and walked into the crowd.(One other technical difficulty: The sound cut out during “A Beautiful Lie” for a couple minutes, but in the end the band was able to finished that one in its entirety).

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