Friday Night: Valentine's Erotica Reading at Good Vibrations

Valentine's Erotica Reading
Good Vibrations
Friday, January 6

Review and Photos by Bonnie Ruberg
Better than
: Sitting at home, attempting to write your own awkward V Day poems.

When I arrived at the Good Vibrations reading, almost every seat in the house was already filled. That may be because there were only about twenty of them to start with. More people walked in, filing in along the walls of the white, art-lined room behind the Good Vibes' show floor, standing awkwardly, rows of pink and blue sex toys still visible through the open doorway. With ten different readers and all their guests — plus the handful of us who'd heard about the event on our own — the Valentine's Erotica Reading got claustrophobic fast, free champagne or no free champagne.

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