Friday: Smashing Pumpkins Press on with New Faces and New Songs at the Fox Theater

Smashing Pumpkins

Oct. 7, 2011

Fox Theater

Better than: Fasting.

Perhaps we shouldn't use Friday night's Jewish holiday for the purposes of a rock concert review, but Billy Corgan has a lot he should probably be atoning for: being a control freak, not asking two of his original band members back for the group's reunion in 2006, occasionally abusing fans, and choosing a 19-year-old kid to fill the shoes of the Pumpkins' seasoned first drummer — not to mention the fact that Corgan's hair was way cooler back in 1993 (back when he had hair). So it goes.

Friday night at the Fox Theater in Oakland, Corgan must have known that many in the audience were thinking about these things.

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