Friday: Two Door Cinema Club Woos the Teens at the Warfield

Two Door Cinema Club

Sept. 23, 2011

The Warfield

Better than: Dancing suggestively.

Okay, we know we shouldn't harp on this, so we'll just say it straight out and then leave it be — Two Door Cinema attracts a young crowd, and that's that. We felt a little out of place at the Warfield Friday night, and we're just a little tiny bit insecure about it, if you must know.

And now, the music: Two Door Cinema Club was good. Not great, but good. Its infectious pop-rock came with lots of energy and supplied a dance party (mostly fist pumping, clapping, and rhythmic hand waving, not actually touching another person). It's a challenge to have only one album (2010's insanely catchy Tourist History) and bring the heat, but Alex Trimble (vocals, guitar), Sam Halliday (guitar, vocals), Kevin Baird (bass), and Benjamin Thompson (drums) brought their Irish feistiness, good looks, and, importantly, tight pants.

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