Girls Are Over: Key Moments in the Career of One of S.F.'s Best Indie Rock Bands

Yesterday, Girls singer-songwriter Christopher Owens announced that he was leaving the band, apparently to make music on his own. “My reasons at this time are personal,” he wrote on Twitter. “I need to do this in order to progress.”

We can't say we know exactly what's going on here — other than that it seems to mean that Girls, arguably the most famous young San Francisco indie rock band of the last few years — are over. We're saddened by that. As we struggle to get our heads around the end of Girls, let's look back at some of the key moments from the band's roughly four-year career.

May 27, 2008: All Shook Down posts the video for “Morning Light.” Music editor Jennifer Maerz says Girls keep popping up around the city.

July 1, 2008: Then-fledgling label True Panther Sounds releases the “Lust for Life”/”Morning Light” 7-inch.

July 2009: The “Hellhole Ratrace” single gets posted as a Best New Track on Pitchfork, despite being almost seven minutes long.

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