Girls' “Vomit” Video: A Haunting Tour of S.F. in a Cherry-Red Mustang

Who knew that Girls' Christopher Owens and J.R. White were gearheads?

Not us: We were surprised as all hell to find that the the band's clip for “Vomit” — the epic first single off its upcoming album — is largely a love-poem to a cherry-red '60s Mustang. The opening minutes of this video have more chrome porn than you'll find in an entire Sunday afternoon of Speedvision. After those seductive initial shots, Owens takes the car out for a haunting nighttime spin through S.F., driving through various street tunnels, sketchy Tenderloin intersections, and North Beach, presumably looking for someone in the callous urban jungle.

What's the point of the vid? Hard for us to say — the only one Owens seems to find is his bandmate at the end, and they go tearing off for another spin in that beautiful car. But it's all fun to look at, at least:

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