Glee to Get Its Own Music Awards Show; Suicide Rate Likely to Increase

Yesterday, Perez Hilton announced (in his usual fawning,

sycophantic way) that this year — on May 31, to be precise — there will be a Glee music awards show. We now officially feel like the cast of that

show is so damn ubiquitous, its members might as well be breaking into our homes at

night and slapping us in the face with their stupid jazz hands.

Seriously. What is it with these kids? Isn't it enough that

we already have to deal with their grinning faces and big musical gestures at

every other award ceremony on the planet? They show up at everything: Golden

Globes, Emmy's, Grammy's, VMAs, Teen Choice, Screen Actor's Guild, blah, blah,

blah — it is impossible to get away from these people.

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