Global Warming Bites Bender's Shiny Metal Ass With Unreleased Futurama Movie

Good news everyone! Not only is Futurama returning to television, but now they've announced a brand-new, never-before-seen, eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, straight-to-DVD (take a deep breath) movie! Bad news everyone! There should never be that many hyphens in a sentence ever again! Great 3-toed sloth of ice planet Hoth!:

In Fox Home Entertainment's First Carbon-Neutral Release,

Fry, Leela, Professor Farnsworth And Bender Triumphantly Return

On DVD November 27

Century City, CA – The future is back . . . and it's cleaner than ever!

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents the first of four

direct-to-DVD “Futurama” adventures when Futurama: Bender's Big Score

makes its highly anticipated DVD debut on November 27. As the studio's

first carbon-neutral release, the carbon impact of the production,

manufacture and distribution of the Futurama Bender's Big Score DVD was

directly assessed and actively reduced. For the unavoidable emissions,

the studio used high-quality, verified carbon offsets. Futurama:

Bender's Big Score also features an eco-friendly highlight – a cameo

from former Vice President Al Gore, guest starring as himself.

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