Go Do This Thing: Boston's Pile Come to the Hemlock Tavern

Boston’s finest post-hardcore rippers, Pile, play the Hemlock Tavern tonight with local support from slacker rockers Couches and Wag. Emerging onto the scene in 2007 as the solo project of singer/guitarist Rick Maguire, Pile is lauded by its peers as the next big thing to cannonball out of Boston.

With sudden, ferocious outbursts stitched into the eerie, introspective musings of Maguire’s songs, it’s easy to see how Pile has built so much buzz around the New England punk scene. The band successfully twists its skittish dynamics without sounding contrived or obnoxious. In its sea of angular guitar melodies and raucous mood swings, Pile delves into anxiety, frustration and unabashed fury on it's new album You’re Better Than This.

Pile's songs are fluid; they move from blunt-force trauma, to broody, self-aware contemplations, and then right back to ear-splitting chaos all with the yank of a chainsaw starter, and they must be seen live.

Pile play the Hemlock Tavern (21+) with Couches, Wag, and Friends W/O Benefits at 9 p.m. Thursday April 2. It's only $6. RSVP on Facebook.

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