Go Do This Thing Tonight: A Meeting to Help “Save the Elbo Room”

Finally, a place to direct some of the energy half of S.F. has worked up over the last couple months while being angry about the Elbo Room's seemingly imminent closure to make way for (what else?) condos — and/or a condo-shaped retirement home for the building's owners. A group of concerned neighbors, patrons, and friends of the bar will be meeting at the Elbo Room tonight at 6:30 p.m. for a strategy session. Via Facebook:

This is for a working group focused on the Elbo Room conversion to condos issue. Many of us attended a “pre-application” meeting (hosted by the architects and the building owners) and agreed we want to organize to keep the Elbo Room as a cultural institution (since 1935). The City and proponent planning process will take over a year, probably. Community input is a required part of the process, so we'll do that as a coalition. You do not need to be a registered voter or city resident to participate in community input. 

Regardless of what happens — and we know the bar will be sticking around through at least Nov. 1, 2015 — you lose the right to complain if you don't actually speak up or participate in these kinds of things, yeah? And lord knows we all love to complain. See you at the bar.


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