Grateful Dead Videogame Comes with Rock 'n' Roll, Lacks Sex and Drugs

If wine, golf balls, snowboards, and a $400, 73-CD box set weren't enough to spend your nostalgia fund on, the folks behind the Grateful Dead's shrewd new merchandising campaign have come up with something else: A videogame.

It's called The Epic Tour, and, naturally, it involves traveling with other Deadheads on a psychedelic journey to the past — or, more precisely, to some legendary Grateful Dead shows that happened a long-ass time ago.

Strangely, though, the game doesn't seem to include any of the stuff we thought was common during old Dead shows. There are no joint-rolling contests, coke-fueled sex parties, or even a competition to see who can score the most potent acid. And we were so looking forward to the part where you had to walk down Haight Street and decide which of the skeezy-looking hippies to score pot from!

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