Green Day Brings It All Back Home to Berkeley's Greek Theatre, 4/16/13

Green Day

Best Coast

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Greek Theatre, Berkeley

“East Bay!” “Berkeley!” “BAY AREA!”

Billie Joe Armstrong is in a constant state of apeshit. He is onstage at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, on a warmish spring night under a glowing moon, playing for a sold-out crowd of cool dads and breathless preteens and little girls at their first concert ever. He is three miles from 924 Gilman, the Berkeley club where Green Day honed its world-dominating pop-punk in front of a whole other generation of Bay Area kids. And there's no question how he feels about it. “It's about our fucking hometown right now!” he shouts. “Oh my god, so nice to be home,” he moans later.

Tonight's show will follow the template of the band's current live set — nearly 30 songs from all over its career, over almost two and a half hours. But somehow, it's also different, and better — because Green Day is from here, and it's obvious the band members still care a lot about that.


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