Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Performs at Mark Zuckerberg's Wedding

Yes, really: Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong performed over last weekend at Mark Zuckerberg's wedding. What this TMZ video would lead us to believe was later confirmed by People. And while we're usually not thrilled about the icky “Hey we're rich now, entertain us” aspect of the moneyed class paying Very Famous People to perform at their nuptials and their daughters' Sweet 16 parties, the story is just so Bay Area that we have to enjoy it a little. Also, Zuck and Billie Joe are longtime friends, Armstrong did the gig for free, according to People, and the Facebook creator asked the East Bay punk rocker to sing “Last Night on Earth.” Awwww.

Some people, predictably, were unhappy about the collusion of Big Tech and Big Punk. Poet, writer, comedian (and generally cool person) Sherman Alexie was one of them. After the story broke, Alexie Tweeted, “Green Day: The Broadway show was strike one. Playing Mark Zuckerberg's wedding is strike two. One more strike and they're Whitesnake.”

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