Green Day's Tour Homecoming Hits Shoreline Amphitheatre

Green Day 

Shoreline Amphitheatre 
September 4, 2010 
(Far) better than: A skeptical old Green Day fan would expect. 
“HOME! HOME! I'M FUCKING HOME!” erupted Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong at Shoreline Amphitheatre on Saturday, his first words after the band leveled 22,000 people with the introductory steamroll of “21st Century Breakdown.” “IT'S BEEN MONTHS,” Armstrong wheezed, like his voice alone had to carry to every single one of the teenagers, drunkass rock dudes, tweens, MILF-y Silicon Valley parentals, ex-punk rockers and little girls in pink bunny ears that made up Saturday's sold-out crowd. “IT'S BEEN FUCKING YEAAAARS.” Green Day was finally back in the Bay Area, and over the next three hours, in between covering AC/DC, shooting toilet paper at the crowd, teaching the tweens to stage dive, and letting one ecstatic, squeaky-voiced fan sing “Longview,” Armstrong hoarsely called out the name of probably every single city in the greater Bay Area — multiple times — as a reminder.

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