Hank Williams Jr. Declares Himself Too Ballsy for Fox News, Republicans, Reality

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Hank Williams, Jr. — son of the original country music godhead, former Monday Night Football house singer, and official neck-beard of Nashville — reminds us all just how big his freedom-loving balls are. This, remember is the man whose gargantuan testicles supplied him the bravery to say — on Fox News' notoriously off-the-cuff morning show — that a golf game between President Obama and House Speaker John Behner would “be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.” The comment promptly ended Williams' tenure as a football announcer and incited outrage all around.

Apparently it inflated Williams' testicular temerity even more, however, because today he insists to RS's Patrick Doyle (with full crusty-old-man condescension) that President Obama “hates America,” and that Hank Jr. is the only one in the country with dangling sperm engines sizeable enough to speak The Truth, buddy. What truth? These truths:

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