Hardly Strictly Normal Behavior: A Festival Scavenger Hunt

Shirtless hippie dancing

Shirtless hippie dancing … in a tree!

A glass bong longer than your forearm

Drunk person crying and/or throwing up before 3 p.m.

Patagonia-wearing couple drinking white wine out of real glasses

Awkward making out

Dirty hippie kids carrying their own musical instruments (bonus if one is a banjo)

Performer onstage quipping about how “it sure smells good out there”

Exasperation with giving away single cigs leading to actually selling them

Pack of teenagers passing around a full-size bottle of liquor

Unironic cowboy hat-wearing

John Muir/Walt Whitman beard

Naked people dancing/smoking pot/playing Frisbee

Someone begging you to let them cut in the bathroom line

Bike locked high up in a tree

Drinking boxed wine out of the box

Too much psychedelics

Marina bros in their cowboy Halloween costumes

People making emotive faces with their eyes closed

People walking barefoot in a place where you shouldn't walk barefoot

A juggler


People begging for weed

Someone selling tallboys of shitty beer for a lot of money

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