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Different from the long-hairs next door, Korn is arguably the only new metal band worth listening to. See the kickoff track, “Twist,” from their ironically titled sophomore album, Life Is Peachy, wherein singer Jonathan Davis mimics the Tasmanian devil with the heavy rock equivalent of scat set to bludgeoning riffage. This 45-second tune is twisted enough that Mr. Bungle/Faith No More singer Mike Patton would wink approvingly at the conspicuous props. Korn's heaviness is founded in a Primus- or FNM-like weirdness, or, as Davis wants you to know: “Punk-ass sissy, I'm a freak.”

Despite the appearance of strangeness, however, Korn's worldview is entrenched in metal cliches. Their lyrics vent the same old themes of arrested-adolescent rage and carnal obsessions: “Get the fuck out of my face!” (“Good God”); “All I wanna do is kill you!” (“Kill You”); “All day I dream about sex” (“A.D.I.D.A.S.”). “K@#¯%!” is an outlet for Davis to run down all the cuss words bumping around in his puerile little bean because basically he has nothing else to say.

OK, so Korn's short on eloquence. But what do you expect from a metal band? Poetry? Any-way, sometimes you just wanna scream, “F@#%!!!” Assuming you can pronounce it.

— Sam Prestianni

Korn opens for Metallica on Monday, Dec. 30, at 7 p.m., at the Cow Palace, Geneva & Palace, Daly City. Advance tickets are $29.50 (general admission); call 469-6000.

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