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Goodbye Sober Day

Goodbye Sober Day
“Goodbye Sober Day” is the final track on Mr. Bungle's California, arguably the album of the year — if such accolades were awarded solely on the basis of extreme artistic merit. The tune serves as a model of Bungle sociopathy: schizoid arrangements that answer to no one's norms, slinking smartly from the group's trademark screwball funk and art thrash into Gregorian benediction and mosh-ready Balinese monkey-chant. Executed with mind-blowing precision, the soundscape's hallucinatory fever is enough to drive one to extended bouts at the mescal bar. Not a bad cocktail for Y2K New Year's Eve.

But alcohol poisoning can kill. So thank Dick Clark for ipecac, a creeping South American vine used as an emetic. Not coincidentally, Ipecac is also the name of Bungle singer Mike Patton's year-old DIY record label, which hosts a cavalcade of underground heroes sure to set your insides a-rumbling, including the undisputed sovereigns of sludge (Melvins), Patton's severe attention-deficit experiment (Fantômas), and inspiring special-ed teen rock 'n' groovers (Kids of Widney High).

For this Slim's-presented gala, the Ipecac triumvirate will perform along with Mr. Bungle and Vancouver proto-punks NoMeansNo at what promises to be San Francisco's primo, turn-of-the-century, mad-music fete. Damage your eardrums, dance drunk till you puke, sing a skewed harmony: “Goodbyyye soberrrr daaaaaay ….”

Mr. Bungle appears with Melvins, NoMeansNo, Fantômas, and Kids of Widney High Friday, Dec. 31, at 8 p.m. at the S.F. Design Center Galleria, 101 Henry Adams (at Alameda), S.F. Tickets are $60; call the Slim's box office at 522-0333 for more information.

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