AFI @ the Fox Theater

When AFI (A Fire Inside) reached commercial success in 2000 with their fifth al- bum, The Art of Drowning, I was a sixth grader, smitten with boys who styled their hair like AFI frontman Davey Havok: straight, severely side-swept bangs dyed black. Havok has long since changed his ’do, but little else has changed about this punk-rock, emo quartet that has had the same lineup since it formed in 1991. Though The Blood Album, the band’s 10th record and first project in five years, comes out Friday, Jan. 20, don’t expect AFI’s upcoming show at Bill Graham to be entirely dedicated to new material. You’ll still hear old hits, like “Miss Murder,” “The Days of the Phoenix,” and “Totalimmortal,” and Havoc — who, at 41, is still incredibly energetic and shows little wear-and-tear — will most likely do something crazy or jaw-dropping, like walk across the audience using people’s hands as stepping stones.

AFI with the Chain Gang of 1974, at 8 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 21, at the Fox Theater in Oakland. $31;

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