Who is CFM?

Find out on Wednesday, April 5 at the Chapel.

Here’s a question you can’t answer: Why are there so many acronym bands that start with the letter “C,” like CFCF, CCR Headcleaner, CRX, and CMC$? New to the team is CFM, a solo project by former S.F. resident Charles Moothart, better known as “the guy who either sings, drums, or plays the guitar” in Ty Segall’s myriad bands.

While going through a breakup with his longtime girlfriend, Moothart retreated from the world to create his first solo record, 2016’s low-fi, garage-rock album Still Life of Citrus and Slime.

He’s following it up this April with Dichotomy Desaturated, a mercurial, guitar-heavy record that shows Moothart getting a bit more introspective and candid about his personal life, ruminating on things like his decision to leave San Francisco for L.A.

With The Cairo Gang, at 9 p.m., Wednesday, April 5, at The Chapel. $15; thechapelsf.com

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