Catch Eric Bellinger

at the New Parish

As the grandson of Jackson 5 songwriter Bobby Day, it makes sense that singer Eric Bellinger has been able to land writing credits for the likes of Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Usher, and Trey Songz. Bellinger, whom you might know from his hits “Valet” and “I Don’t Want Her,” definitely has the gift of gab — or rather, the gift of seductive crooning — which is why his upcoming show at the New Parish is such a big deal. The entirely acoustic performance will put the 30-year-old’s sly, ebullient voice at the forefront, unharried by distracting synth lines or clamorous drums. In fact, as of late, Bellinger seems to prefer singing only with electric guitar accompaniment, which you can witness in his recent music videos and entirely acoustic mixtapes. By forgoing all but one instrument, Bellinger’s songs, which are usually quite raunchy and explicit, gain an element of genuineness and yearning, helping him transform from a devilish bad boy into a silver-tongued gentleman.

Eric Bellinger
At 8 p.m., Sunday, March 19, at the New Parish. $20;

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