Catch Monolink

at Public Works

In January, we published a list of songs that were great for inducing daydreams, and we didn’t include any Monolink tracks on it. But we should have. With its deep house groove, melodic guitar chords, and occasional bass drops, Monolink’s music is perfect for dancing yourself silly at the club, but it’s also prime for chilling and zoning out. Seriously, try lying down, closing your eyes, and listening to the Berliner’s 2016 track “Faces.” The tribal drumming and cavernous vocals will transport you to a jungle oasis in no time, and before long, you’ll be trying to figure out if those are bird chirps or grasshopper squeaks you’re hearing.

With Just Emma and Kleintierschaukel, at 9:30 p.m., Friday, Feb. 24, at Public Works. $12-$20;

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