Colleen Green is the Queen of Blasé

Catch her on Friday, April 28, at the Independent.

I hate to objectify her, because she is a talented musician regardless of her physical attributes, but Colleen Green is hot. And not “big-boobs, blonde-hair hot” — she’s beyond that.

All grunge, no glamor, Green is a petite brunette with skinny arms, Claire Danes-esque facial features, and almond-shaped eyes that are hidden behind sunglasses more often than not. That she makes synthy garage-pop and plays shows in sweaty, crowded warehouses only adds to her hotness, and the punky, “idgaf” smirks she makes in photos (as well as the occasional glimpse of armpit hair) definitely increases her allure.

Irony and dry humor seem to be Green’s things, and you can see examples of it in the titles of her songs (“I Wanna Be Degraded”) and albums (I Want to Grow Up and Milo Goes to Compton). Her indifferent, languorous voice accentuates her “whatever” attitude and also prevents her tunes from sounding too eager or cheerful. Thanks to Green, being blasé has never been hotter. 

Colleen Green
With the Wedding Present, at 9 p.m., Friday, April 28, at the Independent. $20;


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