Death From Above 1979 @The Masonic

For a while there, it looked like Death from Above 1979 was a done deal. After riding the punk-funk hysteria wave of the mid-’00s, the group announced they were disbanding in 2006, citing creative and philosophical differences. In 2011, the Toronto duo reformed for a few reunion shows and continued to tour and produce new music thereafter. The group’s latest album, The Physical World, is a thunderous, relentless effort, featuring Sebastien Grainger’s arena-sized drum machinations and propulsive, slithery notes from bassist-synthesizer Jesse Keeler. While their debut album, You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, seems forever linked to the band’s contemporaries (!!!, The Rapture), their new album feels refreshingly out of step with the current sound of indie rock — a sonic creation that is unapologetically bold and full-tempo. It’s always nice to see bands play nice and make up, and it’s even better when their reconciliations produce something worthwhile.

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