Don’t Miss These Two Shows

Oh Sees and Brockhampton.

Oh Sees
Garage Rock

Born out of San Francisco, Oh Sees consist of John Dwyer on lead vocals, Tim Hellman on bass, Dan Rincon on drums, and Paul Quattrone on drums. The band members, their aesthetic, and the band’s name have changed many times over their 20 years together — the “Thee” got dropped this summer — but one thing has remained the same: their kick-ass sound.

The band was originally a side-gig for Dwyer, more or less a way for him to get music out of his garage. There was a dedicated consistency in Oh Sees releases from the late ’90s to the early 2000s that established them as a serious band. They were like the Taylor Swift of garage rock, releasing albums before fans could finish listening to the one prior.

Dwyer addressed their unique style of recording with New York Music News by stating, “I think it seems strange for us to release so many records, because the tradition in the recording industry to do things a certain way. For decades, it has been months and months in the studio, one release a year, tour this, tour that, do this, do that. … We just do what we want to do.”

With their 19th studio album Static God — produced by Dwyer’s own Castle Face Studios — Oh Sees have proven they haven’t lost their connection to rock or to energetic live performances. The tour includes more than 20 stops, which proves that when you love what you do, success will follow.

9 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 28, at Great American Music Hall. $20-$52;

Alternative Hip-Hop

With 16 tracks on its anticipated new album Saturation II, the Los Angeles group Brockhampton is proving to be more than just the “All-American boy band” it has been branded as. The 12-person collaboration consists of self-proclaimed artists, producers, and rappers who are just as stoked on their newly found success as their growing fan base is.

Back in early 2016, the band released a mixtape, All American Trash, followed by a full album, Saturation I, in June of this year. The heart-throbs did not leave listeners waiting long for their sophomore album, with Saturation II coming out in August — and we can expect the trilogy to continue when Saturation III starts blaring through earbuds worldwide this October.

With more than 10 music-video releases in under 10 months, Brockhamptom’s founding member Kevin Abstract is climbing its way up to Kanye West’s status (minus comparisons with Steve Jobs and God, hopefully).

In an interview with The Fader, Abstract stressed how he imagines wanting “Brockhampton to be like Paramount or something, and you don’t really know who’s behind it. You just think about Brockhampton and all the types of content we provide.” The proof has been in the pudding for Abstract and the members of Brockhampton over the last two years with three album releases, a television show on Viceland, and serious intentions of becoming an independent record label where the artist gets to create themselves, without the label telling them who to be.

9 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 1, at Social Hall. $30-$75;

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