French Cassettes @ The Independent

Well, this is one of the better local bills in a long time. French Cassettes, O (f.k.a. Black Cobra Vipers), and Hot Flash Heat Wave represent the best of San Francisco’s current indie-rock scene, each occupying slightly different subgenres. The Inner Sunset’s French Cassettes make highly danceable, infectious indie-pop similar to what Voxtrot used to put out. Also from the Inner Sunset, O trend slightly more toward experimental art pop. (They’re billing this event as a single release show for “Be There For You,” their sultry contribution to last month’s OIM: Vol II compilation.) And there is Hot Flash Heat Wave, hailing from the Excelsior, who straddle the line between surf and garage rock; their latest single, “Bye Bye Baby” — also featured on the OIM compilation — is their punkiest offering yet. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country catches on to these rising acts, so make sure you see them play together here before it’s too late.

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