Lila Blue @ Bottom of the Hill

If you want to berate yourself for being old and achieving nothing, then listen to Lila Blue’s music, or go to her show at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday, Jan. 28. Only 16 years old, Blue has already learned how to play three instruments, composed music for the theater, and released two albums, Lucille and The Hollows Hold the Healing (the latter of which was included in our Best Local Albums of 2016 list). Young though she may be, it’s clear that Blue — whom we’d categorize somewhere between folk, Americana, and blues — has seen and lived through a lot, as evidenced by her lyrics that comb through a number of topics like sex, falling in love, falling out of love, organized religion, loss, and bad decisions. Then again, you don’t have to parse Blue’s words to pick up on her maturity and overall badassness. You can hear it in her voice, which is at turns fluttery and soft, arched and salty, or velvety and woozy. Artists of her ilk are often billed as singer-songwriters, but that term is too limiting and boring to apply to Blue.

Lila Blue
With Mark Eitzel and Howe Gelb, at 9 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 28, at Bottom of the Hill. $15-$17;

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