Motel Pools @ Rickshaw Stop

If Kate Pierson of the B-52s and Courtney Love had a love child, it would be Motel Pools. Helmed by singer Chiara Angelicola, this Bay Area garage-rock outfit specializes in heavy, drum and guitar-laden jams slathered in a whole lot of ’tude.

The band’s debut self-titled EP was recorded in a living room in Williamsburg in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2015, after relocating to San Francisco, that Angelicola released the project. “Lemme Walk Your Dog,” a jangly, ’50s pop-inspired number, is the record’s standout track, but even that song can’t hold up to Motel Pool’s 2016 EP Vol. II, which is even better. Low-pitched, rumbling “Suburbia” pairs Angelicola’s wan vocals with sluggish instrumentals to show listeners just how much the band abhors suburban living, and “Waste Away” is no less glum, although the arpeggiated guitar chords certainly give it a more hopeful bent.

Given Motel Pools’ disenchanted, fuck-the-world pathos, they’ll be the odd band out at their upcoming Rickshaw Stop show, which features funk-rock trio Landlady, smoky voiced bassist Cassandra Jenkins, and Oakland fusion group Bells Atlas, but so what? Blending in doesn’t seem to be Motel Pools’ M.O., and besides, there’s nothing like sludgy, lo-fi guitar to wake a crowd up.

Motel Pools
With Landlady, Cassandra Jenkins, and Bells Atlas, at 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 19, at Rickshaw Stop. $10-$12;

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