Say Anything Keeps It Real…And Religious

Catch them Wednesday, April 26, at the Fillmore.

I have a conflicted relationship with Say Anything. It’s hard to take the music seriously because it’s so theatrical and staged, employing props like ringing telephones. In fact, at times, it reminds me of the soundtrack to Rent.

Then again, unlike a lot of poser pop-punk bands, Max Bemis, Say Anything’s frontman, was (and might possibly still be) very emo. Beamis, who struggles with drug addiction and bipolar disorder, has had numerous (public and private) meltdowns, lost loads of bandmates, and was hospitalized and sent to rehab more than a few times.

He’s also pretty darn interested in Biblical and Jewish stuff — his grandparents are Holocaust survivors, and he named one album Hebrews — and pens songs as if he were writing a novel. Seriously, compile Say Anything’s lyrics into a book and you’d have one epic story.

Say Anything
With Bayside at 8 p.m., Wednesday, April 26, at the Fillmore. $25;

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