Tame Impala @ The Greek Theatre

Australia, you’ve done it again! Why the Land from Down Under has suddenly become such fertile ground for indie rock acts like Courtney Barnett and Hockey Dad, I’m not sure. But Tame Impala may be its crown jewel. A person disguised as a band, Tame Impala is, in essence, Kevin Parker, who holds down writing, recording, performing, and producing duties. Unfortunately, cloning technology has not caught up with Parker’s need to have five of himself on stage at once, so he’s recruited some bandmates to help him realize the psychedelic bedroom rock he’s perfected across three albums. Unlike the more cosmically surreal product of acts like the Flaming Lips, Parker’s sound shares as much in common with shoegazers like My Bloody Valentine as it does with anything likely to inspire you to gobble up a few hits of blotter acid. Written largely on a drum machine, the songs on Currents, Tame Impala’s most recent release, involve falsetto, phasing, and synthesizers mixed with a chemist’s precision to produce something both dreamy and isolating. Joining Parker for his show at The Greek is Unknown Mortal Orchestra, another group that, in truth, is largely the product of one singer, guitarist, and songwriter: Ruban Nielson. An evening of rock auteurs set underneath the windswept Berkeley sky will be an ideal way to bid adieu to a summer that never started.

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