Three Must-See Acts This Week

Shordie Shordie on Friday at Slim's, Outer Spaces on Saturday at Cafe du Nord, and Stef Chura on Sunday at Cafe du Nord.


Shordie Shordie

8 p.m., Friday, July 26, at Slim’s. $15;

A natural-born entertainer with a magnetic stage presence and an army of party-starting anthems, Shordie Shordie is poised to become hip-hop’s next superstar. Born and raised in Northeast Baltimore, the rapper first dove into music with Peso Da Mafia. The trio — whose fellow members are his brother and cousin — that went viral in 2017 with the contagious single “Money Man.” During his time with Peso Da Mafia, Shordie’s distinct line-delivery and eccentric persona immediately made him the group’s de facto leader and fan favorite, which led the burgeoning rapper to approach a solo career seriously, a decision that has already paid off with a deal from Warner Records and endorsements from some of hip-hop’s biggest names. Shordie made his solo debut with last year’s Captain Hook, a nine-track compilation of ear-worms that lament youthful love and isolation. The groovy closing track, “Bitchuary,” has already dominated the airwaves with its laid-back yet energetic flow that blends West Coast-style production flourishes with Shordie’s ability for creating effortlessly catchy hooks.

Photo by Micah E. Wood


Indie rock

Outer Spaces

(with Florist) 8 p.m., Saturday, July 27, at Cafe Du Nord. $12;

Through confessional, brutally honest lyricism built upon a foundation of soft and intricate guitar melodies, singer-songwriter Cara Beth Satalino’s Outer Spaces is finally getting the attention from the indie-rock world that the trio has long deserved. From Baltimore via Athens, Ga., the group is the brainchild of Satalino, who first made a splash with her excellent 2008 debut, The Good Ones. She released it under her own name before experimenting with other groups, including Witches. Rounded out by university classmates Rob Dowler and Chester Gwazda, Outer Spaces made its debut in 2013 with the Creature of Nature EP, and followed it up the next year with another EP, Garbage Beach, that gave listeners a taste of classic college rock brought into modern times. Outer Spaces released its first full-length album with 2016’s A Shedding Snake, a delightful collection of low-key, guitar-driven ballads in the vein of Murmur-era R.E.M. After taking a break from a long-term relationship with Gwazda, Satalino’s newest album, Gazing Globe, is a deeply introspective effort, exploring themes of anxiety, loneliness, and self-worth in a reflective yet hopeful manner. Satalino says of the album’s themes, “It was a way of encouraging myself. I wrote from the perspective of who I wanted to be, rather than how I felt at the time.”

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Indie rock

Stef Chura

8 p.m., Sunday, July 28, at Cafe Du Nord. $12;

Taking notes from ’90s alt-rock groups like The Breeders and ’70s Big Star-esque power pop mixed with her singular DIY-ethos, Stef Chura is a singer-songwriter who has already made considerable artistic progress since the release of her excellent 2017 debut album, Messes. The Michigan native first became a staple of Ypsilanti’s music scene before relocating to Detroit in 2012, where she played in various local bands while recording her own solo material. The untimely death of a close friend inspired the singer-songwriter to put aside her reservations and record a full-length album, with the rest as 2017’s Messes. A jangly, slacker-rock opus, it introduces listeners to Chura’s seriously impressive vocal prowess, with a unique twang that sounds like a grittier Stevie Nicks. Collaborating with Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo — who lent his production skills — Chura’s newest album Midnight is a departure from Messes in the sense that Chura sounds bolder and more refined, allowing Chura’s masterful guitarwork to shine brighter along with more opportunities for her multifaceted vocal talent to radiate.

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