Three Must-See Acts This Week: 8/1-8/8

Beach Bums on Thursday at Slim's, Yuna on Saturday at Great American Music Hall, Quantic on Saturday at The Midway



8 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 3, at Great American Music Hall. $25;

A smooth voice soaked with jazz-tinged delivery that penetrates the listener’s mind softly yet leaves a long-lasting impression, Yuna creates a brand of thoughtful and introspective R&B that has found devoted fans around the world. The Malaysian singer-songwriter initially created buzz in the late 2000s while a law student by uploading songs to her Myspace and Soundcloud profiles, and released her 2008 hit single “Deeper Conversation” to widespread critical praise. Yuna would soon make her stateside breakthrough in 2011 with the release of her EP, The Decorate, a prelude to her sultry and mellow self-titled debut album the following year, a confident introduction which boasts excellent production from Pharrell. Yuna would score her biggest commercial success in 2016 with the Usher-bolstered single, “Crush,” a highlight on the musician’s relaxed and funked-out album Chapters. Yuna returned earlier last month with her third album, Rouge, a fresh creative departure that hears the singer experiment with pop and hip-hop with help from Tyler, the Creator and G-Eazy, while still remaining her natural sense for breezy and seductive R&B.

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Beach Bums

8 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 1, at Slim’s. $15;

Once described by OC Weekly as “The Wu-Tang for Los Angeles punk,” the Beach Bums are a rambunctious and genre-defying collective that takes equal influence from 50s surf rock and 80s thrash metal mixed with their own, unmistakable identity. The Southern California four-piece group released their appropriately-titled debut album Everything in 2017, introducing listeners to the band’s eclectic style and ethos that is built around experimentation and youthful energy. Beach Bums would quickly gain a reputation from the punk community for their boisterous and hectic live shows, heavily focused around the chaotic presence of members Jawntang and Kunu. Released last week, Beach Bums’ newest effort YEARS, hears the band mellow out from their normally aggressive sound for 90s slow jam-influenced tracks and heavier hip-hop currents, an area where the band feels most at home.

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(with Bonobo) 2 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 3, at The Midway. $40;

A long-adored master in creating sonically diverse atmospheres built around funk, house, and jazz fusion, Quantic has had a career filled with excellent releases and has earned a reputation as a skilled-purveyor of dance music’s lesser-explored areas. The British producer and DJ, born Will Holland, began his career in music hopping around playing in multiple rock bands before going off solo to create his singular brand of funked-out and jazz-infused house music. After releasing well-received albums with 2001’s The 5th Exotic and 2002’s Apricot Morning, Quantic assembled The Quantic Soul Orchestra, a live-focused project that channeled early 70s funk and bossa nova, just one of the many unique side projects that the boundless producer has undertaken during his career. Quantic returned this past June with his latest album, Atlantic Oscillations, a deeply personal but upbeat and relaxing effort that hears the producer channel Colombian influences to create another colorful and wide-ranging journey that is remarkably enjoyable for its entire runtime.

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