Henry Rollins Is Mad as Hell and Surprisingly Optimistic at Yoshi's, 11/22/12

Henry Rollins
Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012

Yoshi's SF

Better than: The turkey-induced coma most people were in, post-Thanksgiving dinner (by about a million times).

At the end of two and a half hours of non-stop talking tonight, Henry Rollins explains how he does entire spoken word performances without the aid of even a single sip of water: he's scared that if he takes a breath to drink, that the audience will leave. Which is — as anyone who has ever seen Rollins talk will attest — an entirely ridiculous notion. This is an information-packed evening, but one that flies by. And one of the reasons it's so easy to sit and listen to one man talk for such a long time is that his self-deprecating and humble demeanor makes him a thoroughly engaging performer. Sure, it's his opinions you're listening to for all that time, but he's just sharing them with you, as a friend would — there's no preaching here. And with the kinds of subjects Rollins covers tonight, that's crucial.

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