Henry Rollins' Top 5 Douchiest Tough-Guy Roles

Guess what, everybody? Henry Rollins has a new movie coming out! And he's in the lead role for once! And it's a beautifully nuanced romantic drama about… Oh, no. Wait. Sorry. It's actually a movie about a cannibal, called He Never Died. And Henry is the cannibal. Because of course Henry Rollins is playing a cannibal. Because, Henry Rollins, despite being an articulate, sensitive, deeply intelligent, incredibly sympathetic, all-round-likeable dude, is literally only ever cast in asshole tough-guy roles. Is it because TV show and filmmakers can't see past his bulging muscles and gigantic neck? Or is it that — in a fit of self-hatred and/ or self-deprecation — Henry only feels comfortable playing total douche-lords? Whatever the reason, Hank's acting career thus far makes him look like King of the macho shit-heads.

Here then, to revel in the ridiculousness of it all, are Henry Rollins' Top 5 douchiest tough guy roles.

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