Here's a Look at the Condos That Could Replace the Elbo Room

Since it's somehow been over a week since we read any rants on Facebook about San Francisco being doomed: Here's a report from the community meeting that took place at the SFPD Mission Station yesterday evening, Nov. 6, about the proposed condo development where the Elbo Room now stands. 

As we previously reported, the San Francisco Planning Commission held an open meeting with Kerman Morris Architects (whose initial drafts for a new five-story building at 647 Valencia became the blueprints heard 'round the world in January) in order to “initiate neighbor communication” and gather feedback about the proposed construction. 

[jump] One neighbor with whom the commission successfully initiated communication was Darius Lock, who posted these photos online after attending the meeting. 

“The community packed the Mission Police Station with most people opposed to the project and some prepping to organize against it,” wrote Lock. 

New stats for the proposed building include the fact that what we've been referring to as a residential building will actually be mixed-use, spanning 645647 Valencia, with an 870-square-foot commercial space on the ground floor at Valencia and Sycamore, tenant “TBD.” 

The rest of the building, should it come to exist, will be made up of nine one- and two-bedroom units ranging from 510 to 990 square feet each — all of which we're sure will be very reasonably priced — plus a garage with room for five cars. Also, a roof deck. Obviously. 

As owner Matt Shapiro told us last time everyone lost their minds about this, the Elbo Room's lease continues, at the moment, through Nov. 1, 2015. And hey, a drink is sounding pretty good right about now. See you at the bar?

[We've reached out to the project's listed sponsors, and will update this post when we know more. If you were at the meeting, or have any other info to share, please drop us a line.]

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