Here's Fat Mike From NOFX Kicking a Fan in the Face in Sydney Last Night

Oh, Fat Mike. While it comes as no shock whatsoever that the perpetually scandalous NOFX frontman (and Noe Valley resident) isn't exactly calming down as he ages, this video still took us ever-so-slightly by surprise: It's the singer backhanding a fan, then kicking him square in the face onstage last night at a show in Sydney. (Hey, guy recording the whole show on your phone: You're annoying 99 percent of the time, but this time you struck Internet gold.)

To be fair, the middle of “Lineoleum” is not really a moment anyone who was thinking clearly would choose to approach Fat Mike (for a hug? What was your objective here, sir?). Still, slapping said fan to the ground seems like it might get your point across; nearly breaking his jaw with your foot comes off as a little extraneous. 
[jump] Since the video's been getting passed around today, it seems Mike and the fan, an incredibly good sport named Alex, have made up via the magic of Twitter — to the point that Alex has now made a still of said kick to the face his profile picture. 

In other NOFX news, a press release arrived from Epitaph Records today about a forthcoming deluxe vinyl 20th anniversary re-issue of Punk In Drublic, the band's alcoholic, party-punk anthem masterpiece from 1994. No word yet on whether or not it comes with a mouthguard. 

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