Here's To You, Alternative Tentacles: Top 3 Things We're Covertly Listening to at Work In Honor of the Punk Label's 33 ⅓ Anniversary

Are you reading this while sitting in an office with other people? If so, did you bring your headphones today? Do you have a good sense of when and where it's appropriate to run in circles, smash things, and loudly swear about religion, the government, your parents, etc.?

Alternative Tentacles, the storied record label founded in San Francisco in 1979 by Jello Biafra and East Bay Ray of the Dead Kennedys (initially in order to self-produce “California Uber Alles,” arguably one of the best debuts of all time), is throwing itself a party Friday night at Slim's to celebrate its 33 ⅓ years in existence. Now based out of Emeryville and still overseen by Biafra with the help of a tiny staff, it's one of the longest-running independent record labels in the U.S. We have it on pretty good authority that this show will be a fine place to take part in the aforementioned activities.

However! If, like we do, you want to get started early, below are a few historical gems the Internet has bestowed upon us. (We know Jello isn't really a fan, but there's some pretty good stuff on there.) Note: We're not responsible in the event that you get too amped and behave inappropriately in an office setting.

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