Hey DJ! Friday Q&A: DJ Pee Play of Honey Soundsystem and Homo a Go o

DJ Pee Play possesses the sort of mentality that keeps San Francisco's club–and cultural–scene vital. When he saw a nightlife void, instead of bitching about it, he went after filling it. And when one bar told him no, he started up a whole collective of likeminded DJs to do forward-thinking events at other clubs, pulling likeminded music lovers into his hive.

Pee Play is a co-founder of Honey Soundsystem, a crew of party pros wanting to instigate an edgy alternative to the Castro scene. They've spread their vinyl across SOMA, the Tenderloin, and beyond, and this weekend they're in charge of the after-parties for the city's big queer punk/indie/garage/dance party, Homo a Go Go. Catch the buzz below.

Name: DJ Pee Play

Club night(s): Honey Soundsystem, Honey Sundays at Paradise Lounge, Deep Dickin' at Deco Lounge, Bearracuda, etc…

Style(s) of music you spin: A friend once told me to answer techno to this question because “a techno DJ can seamlessly work his/her way through genres while still keeping his floor like a magician.” I would answer techno because any way I answer this question people will get the wrong impression, so might as well make 90% of people get turned off right away!

So what's your story, in 100 words or less? Gay boy moves to San Francsico, gay boy hates music in gay bars, gay boy finds other gay boys who agree, gay boys start to make a change in their direction, gay boy becomes man who loves bears but still can't grow a beard.

What's the idea behind Honey Soundsystem?
Honey Soundsystem was originally supposed to be a simple party idea that Ken Woodard and I proposed to the old “Daddies” bar in the Castro back in 2006. After the idea got canned by the bar, we decided that our vision for a different sub sect of gay nightlife in San Francisco was too edgy for the Castro and began working our way back in history for a blueprint.

Originally, Ken and I bonded on our shared love for sleek and forward-thinking design, techno music, and trouble making gay icons. There wasn't anything driving us to be where we are today except for an unspoken male appreciation for the arts and hard partying (which often go hand in hand and really are something the gays do best). Little did we know that over a year of ruffing it as a duo that one by one other members would come along and make our hive that much more full of nectar. The beautiful thing about San Francisco is that even though it is considered a major city, anyone who lives here knows it's quite a small town. There really is no way to hide from the obvious here, and thanks to that our family of bees put itself together almost virtually. Honey Soundsystem is a family, just like Wicked was a family, just like Paradise Garage was a family, just like the Trocadero was a family. We're not trying to do anything new; we're just trying to do it right now.

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