Holcombe Waller Eloquently Overshares at Swedish American Hall

Holcombe Waller
@ Swedish American Hall
Thursday, March 3, 2011

Better than: Waller's inevitable 2015 VH1 Storytellers episode

Portland-via-Frisco troubadour Holcombe Waller's voice is his strongest asset — it's a lithe, soaring, faraway thing that breathes equally convincing life into somber lament and quivering R&B rapture — but his banter gives his singing a run for its money. Throughout his two-set show at the Swedish American Hall last night, to a volubly appreciative crowd, he yarned explanations of the origins and characters of his songs and also offered commentary on how his own show was going, ever self-aware, ever charming. “All of these songs are about dating guys,” he said sheepishly at one point, after introducing the fifth song or so as inspired by “being in the throes of this thing with this guy.” This, he explained, is why his next album is going to be a dance record: now that he's in a good and stable relationship, he has “nothing to kvetch about.”

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