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Home is Where the Punk is: Moore Family Band


Sometimes everything falls right into place.

In 2019, the Moore siblings — Alyssa, Randy, and Dylan — were all living in Southern California, pursuing their various dreams. But when the novel coronavirus swept into the states, it put a stop to all that.

“My sister was in San Diego going to school, and my brother and I were living in Anaheim. I was trying to be a touring musician,” says Randy, the band’s guitarist, bassist, and primary songwriter. “Then COVID came and it was like, OK, I have no income now.”

In what sounds like the setup to a community theatre play, all three Moore siblings moved back to their family home at the same time, and began hunkering down to survive the global pandemic.

“When it got to lockdown, I was like, alright, I’m just gonna get really good at [recording software] ProTools,” Randy says. “Alyssa was my guinea pig. I was always asking if she could try different compressors with me.”

By the time they were quarantined together, the brothers Moore had already spent years touring together as members of lovelorn San Jose pop-punk band Get Married. But with that project more or less on hold, and the Moore family all back at home, a new idea started to form.

“Falling,” the debut single by the Moore Family Band kicks off with a huge hook that could have been cribbed from Pinkerton, and only gets better from there. Though family bands of the past have been treacly and nuclear, and typically associated with weird churches, the Moore Family Band come out swinging with guitar-and-synth heroics (“I love ear worms,” Randy admits), matched by a powerful melody from singer Alyssa.

“My biggest vocal influences are Lizzo, Amy Winehouse, and Harry Styles,” Alyssa says, citing a notably non-punk assortment of singers, “but when it comes to punk I’m very into Pup. I want to express emotions like they do: super hard and heavy.”

It has certainly been a hard and heavy year, and “Falling” comes coated in just enough pop sugar to coat the bitterness everyone’s tasting these days. Missy, the Moore Family Band’s debut LP (named after the family dog) comes out this December via Asian Man Records — assuming the world doesn’t fall apart before then.

Mike Huguenor

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