Honor Roll Crew's Josie Stingray Explains 'Josie,' Her New Single, and Her Sneaker Obsession

“Shoe game is crazy but still elegant/With my Jordan threes, boy, I'll stomp you like an elephant.” So spits Honor Roll Crew member Josie Stingray on her new, free-to-download, Trackademicks-produced song, “Josie.” One of the Bay's brightest and feistiest upcoming rappers, we got the self-confessed sneaker-head to explain her infatuation with Nike Air Jordans, give her views on the world of rapper-designed sneakers, and muse on the merits of Antoine Dodson's YouTube phenomenon.

The chorus to “Josie” has 1-O.A.K. singing about how you “stay in them Jordans,” while on Spank Pops' “A New Day,” you dropped a reference to Nike Air Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield. Are you obsessed with the Jordan sneaker?

Yeah, I think that I am! The Air Jordan No. 3 is my favorite shoe, so I do refer to that a lot. I have about five to six pairs of those shoes.

What is it about their design that appeals to you so much?

I just think they're really cool, like with the exotic elephant print, and just the colorways and the way everything sort of blends in together. It's just a really cool-looking shoe. It's also representative of a man [Hatfield] who worked really hard to get to the top of his game and achieve excellence. That's another reason why I like standing in those shoes.

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