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Horrorcore Killer's Taxicab Confession Reveals Possible Motive


What made Richard McCroskey turn into Syko Sam? According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a text message McCroskey discovered on his girlfriend's cell phone may have triggered a fatal rampage, in which McCroskey is suspected of killing four people. McCroskey reportedly told the taxi driver who drove him to the airport following the murders he had gotten into an argument with 16 year-old Emma Niederbrock.

In an interview, taxi driver Curtis Gibson recalled his conversation with the suspected killer, who “spoke calmly and never raised Gibson's suspicion” despite having a foul odor (described by another witness as being consistent with rotting flesh).

“McCroskey told Gibson his girlfriend's parents had taken them to a music show in Michigan on Sept. 12 and that they had a good time. But McCroskey said he later saw a text message on her phone from a man she had talked to at the music show. The message said he loved her and wanted to be with her.

“McCroskey said his girlfriend got angry when he confronted her about the message, accusing him of invading her privacy. He told Gibson he didn't want to argue so he waited for her to go to sleep and left the house.”

Although McCroskey's girlfriend had been dead for as long as 48 hours, he “spoke passionately” about Neiderbrock, whom he met in person for the first time after corresponding with her online for about a year, the cabbie said. He also waxed poetic about the horrorcore scene which had brought them together – and may have led directly to her death. According to Phil Chalmers, author of “Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer,” at least 20 homicide cases have been directly linked to the horrorcore genre.

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